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Hue TV app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 5504 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Flaming Pear Software
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.08, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Jul 2015
App size: 10.15 Mb

Send colors from your TV to Hue, LIFX, Lightify, and Avea bulbs. Just aim Hue TV at your monitor and your space lights up with colors that follow the show youre watching. Too cool!

Using your device’s camera, the app chooses the most important colors in the picture – up to three – and puts you in the show. Even add extra, harmonized colors for a sophisticated effect.

Too bright? The global brightness control lets you dial it down for a quieter mood.

- Change the speed and vividness to your taste

- Selection tool lets you focus on just one part of the screen

- Quick on/ quick off switch

- Use up to fifty bulbs

- Remembers your settings between uses

- Use Hue, LIFX, Lightify, and Avea together at the same time

To use Hue TV you need at least one of...
- a Philips Hue bridge with at least one controlled bulb
- LIFX bulbs
- an Osram Lightify hub with at least one controlled bulb
- an Elgato Avea bulb and an iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0

LIFX bulbs should have the latest firmware update from .

See,,, or for more information.

Pros and cons of Hue TV app for iPhone and iPad

Hue TV app good for

Set up your phone on a mini tripod and youre all set. Works as advertised!
Much better than the Hue Camera app! Would be nice to be able to use the zoom feature from the camera. I know you can easily select the TV area but if the phone is far from the TV the image is very small and it loses in color quality... Therefore it looses in color reproduction for the Hue bulbs. (From far away, all the lighter colors are perceived as white) Hope the developer will read this... Overall very nice App!
After a couple of weeks using this app, my only wish from Flaming Pear would be the option of zooming in like Hue Camera offers. The effect is better with Hue TV but the colors reproduced would be better with a zoom-in feature when the phone is far from the TV. A faster analyzing of the colors would also be great. No lag is probably impossible but it can be improved a little. Please update soon! Great App!
Works great. Music videos like Hotline Bling work awesome. Live music Concerts are awesome too. Like it a lot.
Been looking for a decent app that can make my hue bulbs match up with what is on my TV. This app fits the bill; been using it while playing No Mans Sky and love it! Worth the $3. Would like to be able to set lights and location compared tv so blue on left side of tv triggers blue onmy left hue bulbs. :)

Some bad moments

this app is worth every penny. its more accurate than any other app out there as far as reproducing the main colors on the tv. its really well-developed and absolutely effective. I adjusted my settings, propped my phone up, zoomed in on my tv, and the results were impressive. until they develop a smart tv app that will communicate directly with hue lights... this is your best option for enjoying hue lights syncing with whats on your tv.
The fact that you can resize the area to be captured made a whole difference!
This app transforms your hue powered room into an immersive experience. The app works as advertised with a clean user interface. Last night I propped my phone up on my coffee table cropping the yellow bound box to focus on my tv. I then started to watch BBCs Planet Earth and selected three lights. My entire house reflected the energy of the screen. As predicted, I have a slight delay, maybe half a second, but it is understandable. Use this app with certain movies, and sports, that may not change scenes so often. Totally worth it and effective. Thanks for developing.
I really appreciate the ability to crop the TV screen within the cameras view. Surprised similar apps havent done this. Need some info on initial setup and finding hubs. Cant wait to see what updates bring.
While its not perfect this is a way better option than the other app out there that I wasted my money on. Plus this one actually lets you focus and gets updates. This is a far better option. Does what it says itll do but do expect a little latency.
Everything works fine, except that it cant focus very well on the image. I cant figure why. The camera focus works just fine using the camera app of the system itself. My device is iPad mini 2. Could you please check it out?

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